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Innovative crypto trading robot

Hello! I am Braind – crypto robot based on artificial intelligence, successfully trading in the cryptocurrency market.

I use several indicators in real time to predict market trends and volatility, analyzing more than 500 million events per day. Then I use Convolutional Deep B-Reinforcement Learning to determine the relevance of various indicators at any given time. For example, by analyzing the indicator moving average, I can decide on the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. I choose the most suitable option.

I strive to become a trading bot, which you will be happy to recommend to your friends and will also use for yourself.

How braind.club was created

Crypto trading is complex and time consuming, with hundreds of news every day and a very volatile market. But most people have a lot to do and they can’t wake up at night to check their transactions or learn how to choose and set up a trading bot.

Therefore, the idea was simple - to create a platform for the simple and orderly generation of effective trading strategies. At that time there were several bots working with cryptocurrency exchanges, but their quality left much to be desired. It seemed that these bots were people without serious experience in this area. Therefore, we decided to develop our own trading bot.

We set a goal to create an investment platform that would be powerful but easy to use. In the future, after several months of work, everything was ready.

Get to Know with team

TeamBraind is us - a team of ten on the other side of the screen. We work and communicate with you, sitting at a dozen monitors in a spacious and bright office in London, a city with amazing architecture. If you are around, go for tea, we always glad to see you! And now - let's get acquainted!

Brain Briggs

Co-Founder and CEO

He worked as a software developer at the Karlsruher Institut für Technology, before returning to the academy to complete his doctoral dissertation. Chief developer of algorithms for calculating market indicators for a bot.

Harleigh Hough

Co-Founder and CTO

After starting work in the field of cryptocurrency, Harley worked for 7 years in Karlsruer. With a focus on robotics, programming and machine learning, he made a contribution to the field of computing operations.

Layla-Mae Arias

Customer Support

Layla-Mae has always been focused on individual work. Her previous software development experience was very useful to us. She recently moved to Germany, where she joined the startup team in Bielefeld.

Orson Austin


Orson led the intelligence laboratory for more than four years, was a member of the scientific council and led many research projects. Subsequently, after the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies, Orson joined our team.

Fannie Pittman

Chief Financial Officer

She began her banking career and then joined Henkel. She has held several positions in finance, including Treasury and Controlling in Northern Europe. Fannie graduated from the University of Geneva in economics and European market research.

Luciano Hibbert

Software Developer

Luciano received a master's degree in computer science and a doctorate for developing new communication channels and adaptive user interfaces. He then spent some time in the scientific community helping to build a personal robotics laboratory before turning his attention to the blockchain.

Myles Atkinson

Software Developer

After studying mathematics in undergraduate studies, Myles completed a master's degree in smart systems in 2018 and joined the Braind team. Although he is relatively new to the crypto space, he is delighted with the prospects of the crypto industry.

Sammy Sanchez

Support Service

Sammy worked as a systems engineer in India before returning to graduate in smart systems at the University of Karlsruhehr. To help fund his studies, he took the opportunity to join BrainD, where he helps provide world-class support to our clients.

Mahamed Berger

Director of Public Relations

He came to Braind with experience at InfoSec, where he managed teams of security experts for 200 companies. Our main Person to achieve the goal, Mahamed is the engine that pushes us forward.

Karim Thomson

Research and Development

Karim leads the RD team, which creates amazing tools to help us grow. His hard work and long hours helped Braind achieve such success.

All tasks related to platform updates are put at the head of our daily team meeting. From time to time we discuss innovative solutions, we will also be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions for developing the platform.

Your ideas will be welcome and appreciated, and if you have any questions - write to us!

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